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By the way I finished the couch to 5k challenge!!! I ran 3.1 miles.


It felt great and I rewarded myself with a great breakfast. Running is so cleansing.


I am up here in the mountains with my family celebrating the life of my Uncle Glen.


I ran tonight after dinner without my iPod for the first time; just nature and me. No freeway sounds no other runners just me. Wow, what a wonderful thing. It was like meditation. Between being up here with family and a great quick run I feel renewed.


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P6120003Jogged for 12 min straight and lived to blog about it!!
This morning I woke up to do week 4 of Couch to 5K for the third time. I was feeling good because I took Friday off. I wanted to wake up earlier and go to the trail a few miles away to try the jog there but the bed was holing on tight this morning. At the end of the podcast after my fourth jogging interval I was instructed to walk for a cool-down and I didn’t want to stop. I just kept running and ended up running all the way home. I jogged a total of 21 minutes this morning!!!

When I got home I was so gross and I needed a shower before I could do anything. After a quick stretch out I jumped in the shower and then I was hungry. Time for another green monster.


This one turned out very brown in the beginning but it got greener as the morning went on. I should have taken another picture.

I think I have this shake thing down now. I have a recipe I really like. So here it is you try it and let me know what you think.

Green (Brown) Monster

½ frozen banana
3 frozen strawberries
¼ cup frozen blackberries
½ serving of Organic Hemp Shake Berry Pomegranate
3 cups baby spinach
1 cup Soy Slender Vanilla

  1. Blend well and enjoy!

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So, about this running thing…I have decided to become a runner.  There I said it. Now I just need to do it. A while back I decided to become a morning person and I accomplished that. Then, five months ago I decided to lose weight and I did that. So here I am still on my weight loss journey and I want to become a runner.

I have started a couch to 5K program that I found as a free podcast. I just plug in and I’m off. I am now on week two of a nine-week program and I am feeling great. The days I run I find that I have more energy and all that good stuff. I have not had any negative repercussions that I feared. (I suffer from planar fasciitis in both feet.) My plan is to wake up at my normal time but instead of planting my but on the sofa for an hour I will go out and run three days a week. Okay, lets be honest so far it is just walking and jogging but some day soon it will be more.

I did go out and splurge on some running gear on Monday.

I think these pink shorts are just the thing to make me want to run.

Pink Running Shorts

I also picked up some leggings that looked great on me.

New Running Gear

I can’t believe I feel comfortable in leggings. Do people even call them leggings any more?

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