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No Bake Cookies

I did drop off the face of the blog there at the end of last year. I have my reasons excuses. But the bottom line is I am going to try to be back. I loved sharing recipes but I am off Weight Watchers and trying to get happy.

Cooking makes me happy so now I am ready to share again. I am in search of a new name if anyone has any ideas. For now I’ll stick with what we got.

I made these amazing cookies a few weeks back. They were no bake chocolate chip cookies. I won’t call them raw because I am fairly sure chocolate chips are not “raw.” I started with a recipe from Clean Eating my favorite mag. They wanted me to use coco nibs but where do you even find those?? I also used a bit more dates and a few less raisins because we like dates in this house.  So here it is the first recipe of the New Year!!

No Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies

2 small boxes of raisins

1 cup of whole dates pitted

2 cups of old fashioned oats

3 Tbsp agave nectar

2 tsp cinnamon

pinch of salt

½ cup 60% dark chocolate chips (or what ever you like and have)

  1. In a food processer blend the raisins and dates
  2. In a large bowl combine all of the ingredients and mix to incorporate. Now here is the deal I only have a mini food processer so if you have a big one mix all the ingredients in that but leave the chocolate chips out and mix those in by hand. If you are like me then do not stress it all comes together it just takes a little love.
  3. Shape the cookies into balls. I have this scoop for cookies and I think it is about 2 tablespoons (see picture below). So, I used that and I made 22 cookies. Now to keep the scoop and cookies from becoming one I put some oil on a paper towel and periodically wiped the scoop.
  4. Chill the cookies in the refrigerator for a few hours or enjoy right away.

Fun Cookie scoop.

The Green part is soft so you can pop the cookies out. So clever. I think I picked it up at Bed Bath & Beyond.


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